​David Hayes
Maryland License
Home Inspector


Should I be at the Home Inspection?
Yes.  We recommend that you be be at present, if possible, for the home inspection.  This way you can be shown any concerns first hand and if you have any questions about the property that come up during the inspection, they can be specifically addressed.

How long is a Home Inspection?
A home inspection will take about 3 hours.  It may take longer depending on the size of the property and additional inspections being done .

​What is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?
If you are looking at selling your property and want a list of what may need to be fixed before selling we can do a regular home inspection.  This is not a requirement to list your property but it can make the listing and selling process much quicker.  Indicating to buyers that a home is "Pre-Inspected" may increase buyer-confidence.  We offer a few options for a pre-listing inspection.
*Please note that a buyer may  still want/be required to do their own Home Inspection prior to purchasing your home.

When will I receive my inspection report?
Your home inspection report will be emailed to you within 24 hours or sooner.  If other inspections/samplings are requested (water, septic, radon, etc.) those reports will take longer to return to you.